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Haim Goldenberg, grand master of mentalism and star of the acclaimed

TV show GoldMind, has been mesmerizing audiences worldwide for decades. Haim is a versatile creator, highly appreciated globally for his unique talents, which nowadays include cooking. This holiday season (and beyond),

we are excited to offer three exclusive experiences by Haim.

NEW! Let us make it easy for you - We have partnered with amazing locations

and experienced event planners, so you can relax and just enjoy.

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​​Haim Goldenberg is renowned worldwide for his mesmerizing stage shows. With decades of experience, he has perfected the art of captivating audiences, taking them through a unique experience that keeps them amazed and entertained. (Up to 60 min)


Ideal for: Corporate events, large gatherings, and conferences (from 100 to 2000 attendees)

How: Choose your venue*, select your preferred date and time, and customize the show to fit your event's theme and requirements.

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An intimate setting where you can experience Haim’s genius up close. Let him take your guests on a personal journey that is empowering and inspiring, all with his easy-going charm and sophisticated personality. 45 min show followed by 30 min mingling with Haim.


Ideal for: Team-building events, executive retreats, and client appreciation (up to 60 guests)


Option 1: Choose your venue*Option 2: All-Inclusive Package: Enjoy a curated location, gourmet food (inspired by Haim), premium drinks, and exceptional entertainment.

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​​A Culinary Journey Beyond ImaginationEmbark on a one-of-a-kind journey through seven exquisite courses, each representing one of the seven principles of mentalism. Witness firsthand how Haim Goldenberg has redefined dining by seamlessly blending culinary artistry with the extraordinary world of mentalism. The Mentalist Chef Experience is more than a meal; it is a journey into the unknown, a celebration of the senses, and a memory that will linger long after the last course is served.


Ideal for: Executive dinners, closing dinners, and exclusive events (up to 25 guests)

How: Hosted in an exclusive, specially designed venue with a full-service experience from start to finish, including a tailored menu and ambiance to enhance your event.

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