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haim goldenberg mentalist

master mentalist

World-Renowned Mentalist Haim Goldenberg is a true master of the mind, and is considered to be one of the leading mentalists in the world not only by his audience by also by his peers. 

With a career spanning decades, Haim has captivated audiences worldwide with his unique blend of intuition, humor, and mentalist abilities. From television shows to private events, let Haim leave you questioning what you thought was possible.



Canada's Leading Mentalist, Haim Goldenberg,  takes his audience on a journey beyond the limits of their minds. With his humorous and inspiring approach, Haim is leaving them amazed and questioning what they believed was possible. 

As a thought after Corporate Entertainer and Speaker, Haim uses mind-bending abilities to inspire, motivate, and unify your audience. With a proven track record of top-notch performances for international conventions, workshops, and exclusive dinners, Haim customizes his shows to suit your specific needs, ensuring that your event is a truly unforgettable and elevating experience.


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Goldenberg's passion for innovation fuels his creativity across various fields, from mentalism and television to art, literature, and even food. His early love for magic and mentalism stems from the excitement of crafting mind-bending illusions for his audiences. 

Haim is considered one of the consultant in the field of mentalism and helped to create unforgatable effects for the world’s top mentalists.

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