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Haim Goldenberg is redefining the dining experience

by integrating his mentalism skills with his cooking skills,

creating the first and only Mentalist Chef.

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Experience the unique intrigue
of the Mentalis
t Chef

The Mentalist Chef

The Show

A TV and Social Media Series that documents Haim’s culinary journey into the culinary world. Watch Haim convince top chefs to reveal their secrets to him by using his extraordinary mentalism skills.


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The Mentalist Chef Experience
Mind-bending Di

Haim Goldenberg has redefines the dining experience by integrating his extra-ordinary mentalism skills with his unique style of cooking.

Haim has created an unforgettable culinary journey that will take you though the 7 principles of mentalism, custom-tailored to delight both your mind and taste buds.. Perfect for private events up to 20 people. 


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