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Join an exclusive society of the world's top mentalists, dedicated to innovation and collaboration.



Our mission

The goal of "The Pinnacle of Mentalists" is to foster a secure and collaborative environment where top mentalists can research, learn, and create groundbreaking new secrets and effects. By working together, we aim to push the boundaries of mentalism, support each other's growth, and maintain the highest standards of our craft. Join us to elevate your skills, innovate without limits, and be part of the elite circle shaping the future of mentalism.

Here’s what we do

Daily Interaction: Connect via a dedicated WhatsApp community groups.

Regular Meetings: Weekly and biger monthly Zoom meetings, available for online viewing.

Annual Gathering: In-person meeting each year for deeper collaboration.




Active Participation: Share ideas, answer questions, and contribute actively.

Member Approval: New members require 90% approval.

Positive Conduct: Maintain a respectful and positive attitude. Disputes should be handled maturely.

Confidentiality: Strict security measures with a $25,000 penalty for leaks. members sign a confidentiality agreement.

Resource Sharing: Members can use shared ideas with the creator's consent.

No Sales: Focus on collective advancement, not selling ideas within the group.

Quarterly Voting: Regular votes for changes and improvements.



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