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Haim Goldenberg

Master Mentalist

World-renowned mentalist Haim Goldenberg is a true master of the mind, and is considered to be one of the leading mentalists in the world.

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Haim has captivated audiences around the world with his mind-bending abilities. He starred in the critically acclaimed Canadian TV series GoldMind, which earned 2 Gemini Award nominations and was broadcast in over 20 countries. Haim also works behind the scenes as an advisor for other famous mentalists and performers. 

to see segments of GoldMind and other TV appearances – click here

haim mentalist

Haim Goldenberg is an artist and creative, who creates works of art that capture the imagination and inspire the soul. 


Haim’s creative spirit is truly something to behold. His innovative approach to art, entertainment, mentalism, and even food is unparalleled. His works are a unique blend of traditional and modern styles, creating a captivating atmosphere that's both inspiring and thought-provoking.

His passion for innovation is evident

in his work, which is often imbued

with a sense of mystery, playfulness

and beauty.


With each piece he creates, he strives to push the boundaries of creativity and expand the horizons of what is possible. Experience the artistry of Haim Goldenberg today and explore the wonders of his imagination.


haim chef.jpg

Haim Goldenberg a versatile creator – one of manifestations of his art was always cooking. 

During the pandemic, when Haim’s world came to a standstill, his love for cooking became a passion that  turned to an OBSESSION.

In his food creations Haim is Inspired by the diverse cuisine of his homeland Israel and by the variety of ingredients & flavours from his adoptive country Canada.


Nowadays Haim is working on a brand new production, documenting his journey into the culinary world as the first ever Mentalist Chef.




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